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Benefits of Membership

Basic Membership, 25$ Per Year:

Portland Bellydance Guild Basic Membership is open to anyone who is connected to the belly dance world and wishes to be a member of the Guild. Events listed on the calendar and Promoted on FB will only be for the Portland and surrounding areas, (within a 2-hour drive of city center,) but members of the Guild may reside anywhere.

Current membership benefits

  • Supporting all facets of the Portland bellydance community as a strong united whole, to the benefit of all.
  • Voting rights on major Guild decisions (council officers, significant partnerships, design or policy approval, etc.)
  • A copy of Guild logo to use on promotional materials and websites
  • Reduced or free entry to Guild-hosted events
  • Access to and reduced rates on Guild-hosted workshops
  • May perform/vend at Guild Events/Haflas (via application process, subject to available spaces and fair rotation)
  • May run for Council office or Guild Representative.
  • Member directory listing with optional website/contact info on website
  • May submit classes/workshops to be posted on publicly-viewable Instruction Calendar*
  • May submit shows/events to be posted on publicly-viewable Events Calendar*
  • Promo of member events/business/etc on Guild FB page and website*
  • Access to minutes and newsletters, possible streaming access to Council meetings
  • Access to the following resources:
    • Council advocacy as needed
    • Community Guidelines (industry rates, professional conduct, etc.)
    • Professional Resources* (press release and contract templates, media contacts information, etc.)

*Please note:  At this time, the Basic Membership is the only tier available, and therefore all member benefits are available at the Basic Membership level. As the Guild grows and solidifies over the next year, we will be developing Guild-approved advanced membership tiers, and some of the promotional benefits will become available only through the upper tiers at a slightly higher membership fee. Thank you for embarking on this huge journey with us!

Possible future membership benefits

A few ideas and goals, to be implemented as the Guild grows and stabilizes. More to come! Have an idea? Let us know!

  • Guild-negotiated printing discounts at local print shop for promotional materials
  • Guild-sponsored group print ads in large prominent local publications
  • Small grant/financial aid for artistic development (yearly application process)

The Portland Bellydance Guild is fiscally sponsored by the Marissa Mission, a  subset of the Present Time Dream Factory, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting the arts in Portland, OR.

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