Zoe Jakes Workshops In Portland

  • January 16, 2018
  • 3:00 PM
  • January 18, 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • Datura Studio - 1847 E Burnside St Suite 103, Portland, OR 97214

REGISTRATION LINK: https://tinyurl.com/zoeinpdx DANCECRAFT PREPARATORY SERIES: AN INTRODUCTORY JOURNEY IN THREE PARTS An intimate three-part intensive experience, capped at 20 students. Join us for all three and save! *Part 1: Tues Jan 16, 3-6p *Part 2: Wed Jan 17, 3-6p *Part 3: Thurs Jan 18, 3-6p One class (Tues only), $80. Two classes (Wed/Thurs), $140. All three, $180 DANCECRAFT PREPARATORY SERIES DESCRIPTION: Want some DanceCraft exposure before you jump in? Just want to drill until you can drill no more? Join us for this introductory, all levels intensive. DanceCraft, Zoe Jakes’ format, starts with the Diamond key, which represents our Foundation. Just like Diamonds, our skills don’t start out spectacular and polished; but with enough strength, pressure, dedication, sweat and time, something special arises. This intensive is an opportunity to study the fundamental movements and shapes of the format, and to gain perspective of where the training ultimately leads. We will be exploring the roots of Zoe's stylization and influences, while using this prep course to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Tribal Fusion, DanceCraft style. ____________________________ PLEASE NOTE: -This is a DanceCraft Preparatory series, so while Zoe is allowing folks to take the first one separately if they choose, this is considered a mini-intensive. The individual classes do not have separate descriptions. -Parts 2 and 3 must be taken together, unless you have previously completed one or more levels of DanceCraft. ____________________________ MORE ABOUT ZOE JAKES & DANCECRAFT A versatile and extremely well-rounded performer, Zoe Jakes has developed an instruction style all her own and is a popular touring instructor, her workshops regularly selling out.Currently Zoe Jakes is touring with her band Beats Antique, a group that has 6 albums and hundreds of live shows under their belt. http://zoejakes.com/about-zoe/ In 2015 Zoe launched her own tribal fusion belly dance format, DanceCraftTM. The purpose of this accredited dance program is to provide a structure in which dancers can progress towards an achievable goal, and to provide an opportunity to build a dancer's skills intelligently and clearly. This format applies strong technical training as a framework for artistry and creative expression. DanceCraft focuses on dance technique, strength and flexibility, musicality, choreography, improvisation, critical thinking, stamina, analysis, teamwork, belly dance history, teaching and creating original work.

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